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Taoyuan City Government Labor Bureau has a deer

The Taoyuan Municipal Government Labor Bureau held the "2018 Taoyuan Obstacle Street Art Beauty Concert" and the "Shelter Workshop Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Promotion Carnival" at the Galaxy Plaza in Zhongli District at 19:00 on the 107/9/2 (day).

108 School Year Skill Competition Dolls

Honorable doll of the year, continued for the third year! !! Definitely authorize the artisan craft to carry out mass production again! !! Achieve word of mouth benefits! !! Promote the performance of execution, as long as there are cases of cooperation, you will know the quality of the presentation and the service of the process details! !!

108 years of Taiwan Normal University skill competition doll

In order to enhance the motivation of students in the national high-level secondary schools, the Ministry of Education promotes exchanges and enhances students' skill level, and holds a national high-level secondary school competition.

EasyCar baby

"EasyCar Premium Car Store" is based on the principle of honesty and integrity, and leads people to enjoy the simple life. With the spirit of "Easy Car, Easy Life", it helps consumers to easily purchase suitable cars and enjoy simple life.

Imitation doll-chameleon food bowl

Nowadays, more and more people use amphibious reptiles as pets, and this trend is becoming more and more popular. This case is a peripheral product related to amphibious reptile pets.

Taiwan Normal University - Taiwanese Dog

Adopting Earth Dog Modeling as the theme contest mascot for the academic year of 107, leading the design of Maritime/Family Industry/Commercial/Agriculture, 5 each of the university's spiritual symbols.

Q version doll - the father of the country

Three people's principles. The founding outline. National Father - Sun Yat-sen. The familiar name of the ear, in a number of sightseeing gifts, once again launched a new style (three people's doctrine; the founding of the country outline), two effects, the new version of the father of the father, different from the previous sculpture.

Q version doll - criminal police

When the serious police men and women representatives, incarnate as the Q version of the mascot, showing 100% intimacy, boys take guns ~ heroic. Girls take a magnifying glass ~ mindful, still the best protagonist!

Q version doll - middle oil baby

When combined with the application of 3D technology, the three-dimensional oil baby doll emerged spontaneously, appeared, absolutely satisfied, absolutely likable, absolutely .... absolutely only this oil.

Hot Spring Fish

Everywhere, only this fish is the most special. On the forehead of the fish, the ornamentation shows the representative Totem of the Guanxiang Century Spa Resort. The establishment of the Hot Spring Fish Shrine and the standing design of the Bright Birdhouse use the Chinese knot and fringe as a whole.