[Large] Doll Making | Craftsman Provide Large Doll Making Enterprise Customized Services

[Large] Doll Making | Craftsman Provide Large Doll Making Enterprise Customized Services

A skilled craftsman in 2005, the army, initially by a group of enthusiastic about dolls and dream team, continue to pursue large Doll design technology in pursuit of high quality products, providing quality service to customers.

Breastplate in addition to producing all kinds of PVC, POLY, ABS, FRP products, and is committed to developing design brands, reshaping established market position, the company's new integrated marketing and design department, and worked with major companies to develop creative merchandise, schema unique brand position.

Because after number years of self requirements growth and the customer of support love Xia, finally in 2014 official registration for craftsman process Corporation, Taiwan and China are has company operating points, since original design began, that perfusion traditional culture of essence, by between with years cumulative of message experience and related business resources, is committed to Taiwan culture creative industry of development, while also upgrade used hi-tech of 3D scan technology, digital print technology, for Taiwan bang bag play, and Aboriginal creative workers square, and television Idol, and Cartoon animation, games video games. ... Markets, provide large doll accessory product planning and development, schedule planning, design, manufacture and production of packaging in one full-service job, maintain a master craftsman, and serious dedication to the spirit, to create a "wonderful, creative design" technology products, attract more attention of the world the world vision.

Our services

I. ODM dolls Doll design and planning

Doll doll mascots of professional production

Set for providing customized services, corporate image building, completed from artwork designed to shape, and even the delivery of the finished product, sales planning, a complete production chain models provide you with the best service. Mascot design, original design, 2D artwork three-view drawing, puppet doll sales, star shape and professionally produced.

II. OEM 2D 3D/OEM 2D to 3D

Has has figure draft or original image public Tsai delegate making, as enterprise image mascot, has has 2D design figure draft, just according to figure built die made 3D stereo public Tsai, and can derivative application in other related peripheral products, as Q version public Tsai pendulum ornaments/phone hanging ornaments/key circle/stationery gift/save tube/people I loaded/advertising people I/, and and the big well-known enterprise cooperation development peripheral commodity.

III. FRP large doll

Large doll professional production of FRP (fiberglass), large styrofoam dolls/props/layout/sculpture/landscape renovation repair activity layout/layout/department store window installation in the exhibition hall.

IV. import and export agent

Professional and quality is our driving force, repeatedly amended review just to perfect regeneration, each product is the representation of art and history, our true past, even tried to create the future, every collectors on our expectations, which is the greatest encouragement and spur, doing all it can to recreate a greater imagination. Import and export a variety of models, toys and peripheral products.