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Large doll

FRP 100CM Large-sized Figurine <Meet Cat Coffee Snacks>

A coffee shop that provides assistance to stray cats, we will hand-painted artwork of customers, re-adjust the design drawings, and rationalize the production of a corporate image of the customer's mascot.

Fagushan Tiannan Temple (Wu Ge) (Wu Mei)

The mascot in the calm style - Wu Ge / Wu Mei, in the overall body proportion of a man and a woman, the size of the head and the lower body, regardless of the combination or beautification of the texture.

Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Affairs (Pengeon)

The original body before the production was the styrofoam sculpture on the National Day float.

Rose Boutique Hotel (Royal Rose)

From the royal rose royal family, the Royal Rose, which continues the pedigree of the blood, is the crown prince who inherits the first order. He has a passionate and serving civilian heart. He is often obsessed with his own handsome, and he loves the roses that his father passed to him. The cane is playing.

chinese food industry stocks bean boy and egg girl

FRP Large Doll, Chinese food - bean and egg girl FRP - mascot doll. The total height of 153CM diameter width according to the design scale to enlarge (including the base)

National Development Board Archives Administration (Akai will Archives)

The hard team of craftsmen, with rough hands and thick sandpaper, spends a long time polishing the time, will seem to be a simple large area, adhere to the principle of beauty, so that each angle surface will eventually have a natural texture curvature.

permanent baby

As a symbolic representative of the corporate mascot, at first the client only provided small-sized dolls for image reference, and then opened the case to reshape the large-sized FRP dolls, whether it is the overall appearance of the sculpture, or the accuracy of the color distribution, to reach the customer.

New North City Government Fire Station Rhino Commander (Beihai No. 6)

Taken from the innate congenital behavior of the rhinoceros, in the case of fire, take the initiative to use the foot to carry out ! ! ! Therefore, the spirit and working soul representing fire fighting is the best fit! The New North City Government Fire Department used the white rhinoceros as a fire mascot for the characteristics of fire fighting.

Aosheng Doll

Colorful hair, holding the concept of embracing nature and care for each hair and scalp, created Taiwan's own hair care brand - mr. hair and professional salon brand RBT-Care, at mr. hair us Follow the lively and distinctive brand image to create a professional and comfortable space and share the home DIY hair care concept.

FRP large doll - Little Red Riding Hood

The impression of this character is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the fairy tale association of memories is opened. After reviewing the design of the guest board, the ratio of head to body is almost 3:1, and the neck and head are connected and the feet are small. The posture is even more challenging. The team that needs to arrange the actual work experience to bear the performance of this work, the natural wearing effect of the cap towel, the stereoscopic degree of the ear fluff...

Cute Qiaohu Island - Qiaohu classic style

Taiwan's first official version of the implementation of the production of the Qiaohu FRP large doll shape ~ cute Qiaohu Island - Qiaohu classic styling image out!

New Taipei City Department of Health Protection (Intelligent Minions)

From simple printing stand, upgrade to three-dimensional presentation, exaggerated thumbs up gesture, people immediately noticed! The three-dimensional mascot conveys the highlights of the interactive connection! Achieve advertising value that appeals to and advertises to everyone.