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3D modeling - baby oil

The three-dimensional shape design of Zhongyou Baby: The mascot of the customer's trademark image is used as the design artwork to perform modeling modeling of 3D color map rendering.

Drip basin

In the crowded department store gourmet area, the open space presents a large-scale immersive high-brightness water drop device art. The visual effect uses the dislocation performance of the height difference, so that people can feel the drip of water from each angle The coolness of the basin! The large-sized water basin is sprayed with stone paint, and the rough ore has a delicate texture, which echoes the delicate water drops above it. The designer cleverly points out the position of the sink ...


This mascot character is a well-known brokerage IP, and the craftsman is honored to redesign the costume for this mascot.

Mascot Design - Taitung Zhiben Post Office

Discussing the combination of the elements required for the custom system, adding performance with vivid colors, the effect of overflowing the hot spring soup in the coffin barrel, as the customer's satisfaction with the craftsman is also so sure to overflow expression.

Jiaotong University Protective fox

The restoration of the three-dimensional view is also used as the basis for the subsequent planning and establishment of works. !! !! In the market, customers often only have a single positive mascot design, which can only be used in printing and aesthetic layout design. Therefore, when you want to develop more dolls of various cultural and creative categories or sizes, the prerequisite is to design the three-dimensional image (front view, side view, rear view) of the three-dimensional image fir...

Doll Hood Christmas Style

The annual festival, the official IP mascot, is carefully designed to meet the festive atmosphere, and accompany players to celebrate the festival !!

Choose appropriate fabrics to show curly hair and high-hat shapes, and prominent electric embroidery stars highlight the festive elements.

Chai Bao's girlfriend Ginny

After the boy's Chai Bao role appeared, the public began to look forward to whether there would be a girl version. Finally, with the urging of Chai Bao fans, the official designer Qiao Sifa wanted to design a new mascot and let the artisan craftsmanship work be paired again.

Taichung Police Station Police Dog (Long Hair Version)

Gifts for publicity and communication, the police dog exclusively for R.O.C. MIT was born! !! It is the best promotional gift for international etiquette exchange culture and good-neighborliness.

The overall shape shows the body color and spirit of the wolf dog.

Taoyuan City Government Labor Bureau has a deer

The Taoyuan Municipal Government Labor Bureau held the "2018 Taoyuan Obstacle Street Art Beauty Concert" and the "Shelter Workshop Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Promotion Carnival" at the Galaxy Plaza in Zhongli District at 19:00 on the 107/9/2 (day).

Doll Hood Mid Autumn Festival Edition

A well-known game company, small dolls, designed to match the Mid-Autumn Festival with a full moon-like fun headband. When the round appearance is combined with a doll with a special shape, it will definitely surprise the player !!

Wei Li Zhang Junya

Well-known food factories have occasionally installed, there are many versions, different from the previous production methods, this case is upgraded to build.

Volleyball Association Squirrel

The craftsman created a mascot doll like a design drawing --- the sculpture of this doll's head is really cute! In order to have a flexible operation, the artisan craftsman first conceived himself. When this occasionally entered the kickoff, there was a match against the performance of volleyball! !! We must first consider the design adjustments on the dimensions, increase the comfort for the puppeteer, and achieve the best performance of the image !!