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Custom Cloak

Coupe sewing - LOGO sewing

The customer specially sent a taxi to change the doll's LOGO. The original English trademark is not suitable for dismantling, and directly covers the new Chinese trademark. Considering the new LOGO cloth covering the cover, the company carefully adjusts and modifies it. When the work is performed, it is necessary for two people to cooperate with the work~ use pull; stretch; seam, and intimately add the lining to cover the original trademark dark block to avoid revealing the underlying fabric.

Taiwan-Dark Beer Hakka Dress Up

Taiwan Bar-Hakka Hakka Dress Up, activities with dolls, with different activities, festivals, replacement of different shapes and clothing props, each with different effects and texture! Fitted and playful to present a delicate design.

Dolls, custom-made clothing - 2018 Taichung World Flower Expo

In the 2018 Taichung City World Flower Expo, before the official opening of the event, a series of uninterrupted image promotion, in accordance with the theme of each different event, change the theme of different themes, mascot (Le Hu - sister) / (to Tiger - brother ) Dolls are ordered to order.

Department of Nephrology, Affiliated Hospital of Ada (Doll Headgear)

Product Description: The kidney doll is fixed above the forehead of the hood, making it difficult for people to pay attention to it. When wearing the hood, the face can be completely exposed.

Taichung Tidegang City

In order to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Pig, the mascot that was originally placed on the aisle, in order to have a more "Year of the Pig" atmosphere.

Customized Dolls - Taiwan Bar - Dark Beer (Hakka Dress Up - NEW)

The official cooperation again, using the original mascots to install, commissioned craftsmanship to make different styling arrangements, when accepting the affirmation and trust after the commission of the case, the craftsmanship crafted the Hakka classic elements on the dark beer. When the black beer is wearing Hakka costumes and styling, I am amazed and found that it is very fit! The impression of this character is even more divided!

Doll with Make-Ah Ti Ah Mei

Doll with Make-Ah Ti Ah Mei, Attachment to human type puppet making three views, Suitable for people wearing height of 165 ~ 175, Please inform in advance if you have special needs.