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Cloth Pack (Doll Pack)


This mascot character is a well-known brokerage IP, and the craftsman is honored to redesign the costume for this mascot.

Wei Li Zhang Junya

Well-known food factories have occasionally installed, there are many versions, different from the previous production methods, this case is upgraded to build.

Volleyball Association Squirrel

The craftsman created a mascot doll like a design drawing --- the sculpture of this doll's head is really cute! In order to have a flexible operation, the artisan craftsman first conceived himself. When this occasionally entered the kickoff, there was a match against the performance of volleyball! !! We must first consider the design adjustments on the dimensions, increase the comfort for the puppeteer, and achieve the best performance of the image !!

Major League Baseball Taiwanese Dog

In the beginning, the craftsman's even-headed sculpture paid special attention to the three-dimensional presentation of the mouth shape. At the same time, the baseball hat was upgraded to a quick release arrangement, which allowed the mascot to change the shape of the stadium more flexibly. This customer ’s face was surprised and loved. They are highly appreciated by the team; the internal structure of the straight tail is adjusted, and the comfort of the puppeteer is adjusted. The final effect...

Taiwan Bar Dark Beer

Familiar mascot, dark beer. The team provided it with different outfits (combination of soft and strong materials) and flexibility to maintain the presentation. In order to meet the exposure of the event and the appearance of momentum, based on previous cooperation, and also a mascot character that our company is no longer familiar with, we are almost 100% trusted and affirmed by the client, so that our company is completely self-directed. The completion of the implementation to the implementati...

Nissho Belson Qiao Hu (Stage Version)

Breakthroughs and challenges are the starting mood of this time! !! I am also very happy to be recognized again by customers and establish new product cooperation! A well-known IP mascot from Japan, the superstar of children's world. The classic shape, every part of the body and the details of sewing clothes, is a test! !! !! It is an honor to cooperate with each other to serve the mascots of well-known IP vendors! !! Please look forward to the future of Craftsman Craftsmanship to produce other...

Occasional order - cat fetch

The illustrator-style character design of this case gives it a unique hand-painted feeling. In order to promote the presentation of the planning concept, the imaginary retro monocle and metal chain tape, and the white point on the nose are selected from the fabric.

2019 Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo (Yangbao)

The 20-day 2019 Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo was grandly opened. This year, the park has a total of 27 featured theme areas.

Doll production-Dyhot bear

Corporate mascot doll production-Dyhot Bear, [product uses and the scope of application], a commercial street, children's paradise, pedestrian street, wedding ceremony, park and tourists photo. Second, all kinds of commercial fairs, expositions. Third, the business promotion of enterprises, promotional activities. Fourth, the entertainment venues, theme parks promotional activities. Fifth, all kinds of large gatherings, birthday parties, opening ceremonies, games, weddings, carnivals. Sixth, kin...

Dolls and Parents (Lele Monkey) (Heart Cat)

In order to understand the psychological and learning status of preschool children, "Asteroids Preschool" has designed four animal characters, representing four children with different personalities and preferences: Lele Monkey, Kangkang Pig, Heart Cat and Odd Qi Xiong.

Ding Ding

The candidate for the Q version of the Taipei squadron, under the younger version of the Q version, the Q version of the doll, who is shaped as a member, has changed into a "Ding Ding", appealing to the most intimate people, to listen to the voice of the citizens.