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Show with large cubes

Fluffy doll-stone tiger & pangolin & big crested eagle

3 cute and cute display puppets, using realistic techniques to emphasize the biological characteristics with fabrics and carvings, such as the markings of the stone tiger, the layered scales of the pangolin, the flying feathers of the great crested eagle flying, and the white ribbon pattern. The most labor-intensive part of this case; in addition, the big crested eagle also uses colored painting to add the characteristics of spots on the feathers. Although the work of this case is complicated an...

Large puppet - Taiwan bar - dark beer

The official cooperation once again allowed the craftsman to accept the commissioned production again and successfully completed it!! The role of the dark beer entered the Huashan Wenchuang area and started the flash shop style. Start the raid!! Grab your attention~ Dark beer you!!!
[Black beer is good! | cool cool summer fruit shop game]
What game have you played with? RPG, shop simulation, Daguai upgrade, campus youth, fruit elimination...
The dark beer game played a bit big, even with the ba...

mani mani Italian vegetable restaurant - mushroom large puppet

In addition to the concept of health, more and more people discover that vegetables are delicious and become an emerging trend. Mani mani in the east is a stylish and delicious vegetable restaurant.

Large Fluff Doll Production-Taiwan Bar-Black Beer

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