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Q Version Dolls

Q Version Doll-Dingpu Elementary School Doll Shape Trophy

The school uses the most representative character (mascot) to present a unique trophy design in three dimensions. It is no longer the usual plastic or crystal material. It is different from the previous public trophies. It is more popular with children and will work harder. Fight for honor! !
The team specially tailored a long ladder-shaped trophy for children, so that children can easily grasp it.

Forest Service No. 15 doll phone holder

Doll decorations combine advocacy, mobile phone holders, and multiple functions into one, which is interesting, practical and beautiful.

Ingenious craftsman use ingenuity, the outline of the mobile phone frame combined with the appearance of the walkie-talkie portable by the Forest Guard, and the authorized mascot (No. 15 = homophonic: Stone Tiger) to create the most eye-catching promotional material! !

Q version doll-head sculpture

Using traditional oil-soil sculptured figures and turning them into polysotne molds, as a pre-production preparation.

Q version doll-Peng Da Family Wind Lion

Relying on a positive photo, the client asks the craftsman to evaluate the details of the opening of the case. The different positions in the imagination and the differences in the perspective of aesthetics. The team of craftsmen collects information from all parties and piece together the discussion one by one to figure out the side of the image. A three-dimensional restoration is derived from the back! It also derives from the performance of the color block on the front to the color matching o...

109 National Taiwan Normal University Art Competition Doll

The brand-new warm design in 109, boldly used soft and bright yellow to express, the bright color arrangement has once again become an eye-catching mascot work! !

Taoyuan City Government Labor Bureau has a deer

The Taoyuan Municipal Government Labor Bureau held the "2018 Taoyuan Obstacle Street Art Beauty Concert" and the "Shelter Workshop Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Promotion Carnival" at the Galaxy Plaza in Zhongli District at 19:00 on the 107/9/2 (day).

108 School Year Skill Competition Dolls

Honorable doll of the year, continued for the third year! !! Definitely authorize the artisan craft to carry out mass production again! !! Achieve word of mouth benefits! !! Promote the performance of execution, as long as there are cases of cooperation, you will know the quality of the presentation and the service of the process details! !!

108 years of Taiwan Normal University skill competition doll

In order to enhance the motivation of students in the national high-level secondary schools, the Ministry of Education promotes exchanges and enhances students' skill level, and holds a national high-level secondary school competition.

EasyCar baby

"EasyCar Premium Car Store" is based on the principle of honesty and integrity, and leads people to enjoy the simple life. With the spirit of "Easy Car, Easy Life", it helps consumers to easily purchase suitable cars and enjoy simple life.

Imitation doll-chameleon food bowl

Nowadays, more and more people use amphibious reptiles as pets, and this trend is becoming more and more popular. This case is a peripheral product related to amphibious reptile pets.

Taiwan Normal University - Taiwanese Dog

Adopting Earth Dog Modeling as the theme contest mascot for the academic year of 107, leading the design of Maritime/Family Industry/Commercial/Agriculture, 5 each of the university's spiritual symbols.

Q version doll - the father of the country

Three people's principles. The founding outline. National Father - Sun Yat-sen. The familiar name of the ear, in a number of sightseeing gifts, once again launched a new style (three people's doctrine; the founding of the country outline), two effects, the new version of the father of the father, different from the previous sculpture.