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Device Art - Art Model Door

The world-famous clinic brand Loewe entered the South Taiwan, the full range of image stores, embedded with creative director himself, and opened art and design gate by Dragon Pillars.

The hammer team is honored to participate in this production - the 3 meters long door handle, challenge new tasks and craft skills, resin and metal parts, make a Queui's work.

Q version doll - Medical model joint bone board II

Medical model second bomb! Precision process is advanced. Thanks to the customer's affirmation of the craftsmanship, adding the number of original styles, and adds two different styles!

Q version doll-medical model joint bone plate

This case is one of the products the team entered the medical system for the first time. The 3D printing product is used as the model, and it is reproduced into two finished products with different textures. One poly is added with an appropriate amount of toner for manual color adjustment, and the other is added with stone powder to imitate the plaster feel. Qiaojiang's rich production experience has achieved customer satisfaction!

Q version doll-screwdriver handle shape tableware

In recent years, the industrial style has prevailed. Skilled craftsmen have adopted 3D printing molds to highlight the sense of neatness. With the ready-made hardware tableware combined with POLY, this work has a unique style!