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Modeling Small Night Light

Da Luo Fu San Taizi

The three princes also came to the designated manufacturers ~ support Taiwan MIT in the local production.
In order to give people a warm feeling, the Q version of the three princes ~ night light (Blessing Light) will be derived! !

Shape Night Light - Cai Jia Black Tiger General Night Light

The best gifts for the Shenming activities, Taiwanese folks swearing Hu Ye, according to legend, Hu Ye is the seat of Ford Zhengshen, Zhang Tianshi, Baosheng Emperor, and Wu Caishen. The folks believe that Hu Ye can bite money and make money, so it is widely accepted by businessmen. I believe that the tiger's mouth is wide, but it can be treasured, and it is also used as a god of wealth. Because the tiger is also able to remove the plague, the devil, and the health and intelligence of the child,...

Styling night light - Tiger Care Association Night Light

Huye Care Association, warm care, light hope to benefit the weak, Huye Care Association: Wherever we walk, we will not leave traces, but we are always thinking about the land for Taiwan. What can we do? The initiator of the native is the "Taiwanese temperament." The promoters said that in today's society, there are still many people who need help in hunger, poverty and family situation. They need to be seen. The community care base is the front line that can provide timely assistance, unite the ...

Shape night light - Fa Tian Tan Shan Jun Zun night light

The Chiayi Matching Temple is dedicated to the Tiger King. It is called the "Shanjun Zun Shen". It belongs to the foot force of Mazupo. Because it assists the mother-in-law to demonize the demon and protect the soul, it is sealed by the Jade Emperor as the "General" and enjoys it with Mazu. The incense of the world, enshrined in the main hall, placed on the god table, respected as the official deity, full of legendary allusions, this time accepting the arrangement of the custom commission, the o...

North Harbor toward Tiangong-six mama wen Chuang small Night Light

North Kong towards the Tiangong-six mom to create a small night light, craftsmen craft luster Your life!

Pak Kong towards Tiangong-Tiger General Wen Chong Small Night Light

North Harbor toward Tiangong-Tiger General Wen Chuang Small night Light, Craftsman craft Legendary!