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Mascot Dolls(3D modeling)

Mascot doll (3D modeling)-Forest Guard No. 15 doll phone holder

15 Homophonic Stone Tiger, the gorgeous styling style of the Japanese version authorized by IP, and the protagonist's delicate and layered performance are the focus of this case. 3D modeling and dismantling techniques are used to present the level of the characters, making the mascot appear to be directly out of the plane, achieving a perfect three-dimensional presentation.

EasyCar baby

Scanning with a ceramic figurine will really result in a bright glaze reflection on the surface of the product during the operation. It is necessary to repeat the scanning process to obtain 3D data.

3D scanning / 3D modeling - Fawmi bread workshop

The 3D scan utilizes the combination of the technology of the white embryos that have been completed by the large FRP figurine. For this purpose, the detailed doll pattern is saved, and as a follow-up preparation for other application development and design, the 3D modeling is arranged after the scan. One step is the process of modeling. Through the full angle record of the scan, there are still some inadequacies in the details, or the link that needs manual work reinforcement, and finally the e...

3D Portrait Mask

This case is used in conjunction with the detection and identification of a professional face recognition precision instrument company.

Reverse engineering is used to build a model, which simulates the face shape from multiple angles and demonstrates the distinguishing benefits of the instrument. The high-realization of the facial features, the depth of the eye sockets, and the performance of the chromatic aberration of the eyeballs all require a high degree of attention to observe and delicate...

Tianmu Guozhong (boy) (girl)

With the 2D graphic handwritten draft design, the next step is to feel the 3D stereoscopic effect as soon as possible. This is the only choice!

Mascot doll (3D modeling)-water drop

Establish a 3D model, simulate the performance state of the overall design, and build a consensus with the owner's aesthetic judgment basis. Make the implementation of this case smoother, easier, and more comprehensive. Large-scale landscape art can also present digital three-dimensional models through 3D modeling.

Smart machine case production

When administrative agencies want to develop projects, they often do not know how to consider the budget. In the case of lack of experience, the recognition and quality of the finished product is presented, and the production team is very limited by the budget. How to show the effect of the operation, please give the task to the craftsman craftsmanship team, using industrial design and 3D simulation technology experience, tailor-made, so that the precision instrument has the best protective case...

3D modeling - baby oil

The three-dimensional shape design of Zhongyou Baby: The mascot of the customer's trademark image is used as the design artwork to perform modeling modeling of 3D color map rendering.

Manhole Covered Betta (Large Installation Art)

In order to meet the client's proposal delivery, this combination of the manhole cover's rebirth value design, entrusted to the craftsman to beautify, increase its richness and detailed description of each component.

Projection Frame Structure Design

Design Description: The bracket material is aluminum extruded type. Design specification: According to the picture style, function description, standard size is the design basis.

3D Modelling-Agriculture Biotechnology

3D Modelling-Agriculture Biotechnology, 3D animation modeling / each (with facial expression animation), After you want to change your face, you can operate yourself in Maya.