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Mascot Doll (3D Scan)

3D Face Mask II - Human Face Mask

Scanning the model face with 3D retrograde engineering, constructing 3D true face appearance, through the computer scanning information, after the post-processing, the post-adjustment of the computer model, the eye makes a hollow modification, can become a mask.

EasyCar baby

Scanning with a ceramic figurine will really result in a bright glaze reflection on the surface of the product during the operation. It is necessary to repeat the scanning process to obtain 3D data.

3D scanning / 3D modeling - Fawmi bread workshop

The 3D scan utilizes the combination of the technology of the white embryos that have been completed by the large FRP figurine. For this purpose, the detailed doll pattern is saved, and as a follow-up preparation for other application development and design, the 3D modeling is arranged after the scan. One step is the process of modeling. Through the full angle record of the scan, there are still some inadequacies in the details, or the link that needs manual work reinforcement, and finally the e...

Mascot doll (3D scan)-Wind Lion​

In order to make the portrait held by the client more comprehensive, the Qiaojiang team proposed to open a case. During the production process of the dolls, 3D reverse engineering scans were performed at the same time to create 3D files. Combining the previously drawn 2D plane and the current 3D scanned portrait data from various angles, customers can use the mascot image to add points to the brand in many ways.