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Mascot doll (3D print)

3D Face Mask II - Craftsman Craft

3D Scan Execution with 3D Color Powder Print, Height Restore Realistic Face Sample, Slag, Anti-acne, etc. Can be programmed one by one. 1: 1 proportion of prints, the degree of realism is a chaotic.

Mascot doll (3D printing)-tableware handle

3D printing method: light curing 3D printing
Goods exported for foreign trade are guided in an industrial style, combined with the use of hardware and tableware. 3D printing is another option as a model, which can properly present geometric grooves and delicate LOGO. ​

Mascot doll (3D printing)-Forest Guard No. 15 doll phone holder

Using 3D printing to make the mold, carefully grind away the layered grooves until the surface is smooth, so that the subsequent mass production can achieve a good appearance and improve the work efficiency.

3D Portrait Mask

Turns out this is ! ! When the Qiaojiang team delivered the goods in person, the exquisite box contained a face with piercing eyes, and the client was very surprised! The model was also embarrassed on the sidelines, and suddenly became popular inside the company! Looking forward to the client’s future faces of girls or young women!

3D printing - Tianmu Guozhong (boys) (girls)

Birth!!! The long-awaited role of the little boy/little girl, using special technology, polymer composite powder, sprayed with colored glue to form, after drying, then a layer of hardening treatment on the surface, and then post-processing.

Equipment model 1/4 model tims TOF pro

When finding the craftsman craft team, after understanding the customer's needs and discussions, it is recommended to carry out a 3D case opening for high-reduction and reduced-scale rendering. Different from previous cases of making finished products, weight reduction and product downsizing make it really convenient for customers! Of course, it also saves a lot of moving labor and transportation costs! !!