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Mascot Design

Mascot Design - Keelon Sun Moon Prince Three Princes

The clever team carefully creates cute and powerful three princes, with a series of exclusive elements, with children's cute smile, will always be loved by adults and children.

Made in the fire rifle, Qiankun, mixed back, the air fire wheel, etc. The chest armor is painted with auspicious wishful Yuan Tu Teng.

Guanyin Buddha

Kaishan Lingyun Temple is the oldest temple in Wuxiang Township. It was built in the 4th year of Qianlong (AD 1739).Formerly known as "Lingyun Ancient Temple", the title of "Nanhai Guanyin Buddha", commonly known as "Inner Rock (Rock)".

Royal rose

From the royal rose royal family, the Royal Rose, which continues the pedigree of the blood, is the crown prince who inherits the first order. He has a passionate and serving civilian heart. He is often obsessed with his own handsome, and he loves the roses that his father passed to him. The cane is playing.

Mascot three-view restoration design Wind Lion

With the physical mascot-Lord Wind Lion figure, the team was able to redraw the Q version. Lord Wind Lion's cheerful smile and lucky cat gestures seemed to say-come and travel together!

Mascot Design - Taitung Zhiben Post Office

Discussing the combination of the elements required for the custom system, adding performance with vivid colors, the effect of overflowing the hot spring soup in the coffin barrel, as the customer's satisfaction with the craftsman is also so sure to overflow expression.

Mascot design - Zhongyou Baby & Taichung Huabo Design

The design of the combination of the oil baby and the "2018 Taichung Flower Mascot": draw the baby mascot oil baby, and match the "Shihu Family (five)" combination of "2018 Taichung Flower Mascot" to the AI file. And provide a combination of straight and horizontal arrangement of each drawing file, the file must be suitable for output such as flat A4 advertising or outdoor billboards.

PetroChina Baby and Taipei World Universiade

Petrol baby action design, 1. Design corporate image mascot (oil baby) corresponding to the world bear bear sports project to do the action design, 2. will provide a front view of the line with your company to discuss the direction of correction, and then coloring the map, 3. You can modify the details twice, 4. Submit the AI file (with file), 5. After the project is completed, the ownership of the graphic file is owned by the.

Guapa Q version of a family of three views

Guapa Q version of the family's mascot, to restore the design of the side view; back view, many customers in the beginning contact with the design mascot, did not consider the mascot surrounding the cultural and creative goods, and the presentation of three-dimensional degree, resulting in only Front view data, for the follow-up to be established, the sharing of information will be incomplete.

Masanori Fire Industry Mascot Design

Masanori fire industry mascot design, 1. Design your own corporate image mascot (including design concept), 2. will provide a front view of the line with your company to discuss the direction of correction, and then coloring the map.

Dyhot Polar

Mascot action design, 1. will first provide a positive view of the line with your company to discuss the direction of correction, and then color map, 2. Provide corporate image mascot front view.


Two view art design / each, 3 ~ 7 working days (without confirmation time), When you receive your information, depending on the complexity of the offer, If you confirm the offer, please prepay 50% deposit.

Mascot design and movement changes Hwaseong baby

Established companies celebrate their 50th anniversary, and they are led by handsome new-looking corporate babies!

The "overall look" retains the delicate appearance of the first-generation baby, with a bookish look.

The "Green Lightning Belt Buckle" represents the expansion of business development to the smart grid and green energy industries.

"Blue Cloak" The image of a superman whose mission must be fulfilled by a corporate person.

"Thick eyebrows and big eyes" are more restrained and cal...