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LINE Map Design

LINE Sticker Design-Hwaseong Baby "Just Happy Baby"

Derived from FORTUNE BABY's "three hearts" ambition, humility, sense of responsibility, and the speeky spirit of "respecting the customer and treating the sick as relatives", and practice daily happiness in life.

Royal Rose Greetings

From the royal rose royal family, the Royal Rose, which continues the pedigree of the blood, is the crown prince who inherits the first order. He has a passionate and serving civilian heart. He is often obsessed with his own handsome, and he loves the roses that his father passed to him. The cane is playing.

Three Prince-Line Map Design

Three Prince-Line Map Design, 1. Give you a choice of 20 textures with different expressions (20 selected 16), 2. Design process: sketch confirmation → computer file draft → Color finalize, 3. Healing, fun, lively, lovely style.

Fu Big Garden Night Market Mascot

Name: Fu big garden night market mascot, 1. Provide three mascots front view for selection (including design concept), 2. After the selection of the mascot, the delivery of the mascot in the delivery of three views on the client (front, side, rear view).