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Large doll

FRP Large Doll - Dow Dow

Meng mascot from South Korea - Dow-Dow, is a group of fermentation incomplete Korean glutinous rice, and is also one of the popularity of Korean popular short film.

This time by Kawapara first enters Taiwan, leading the Korean Wenchuang brand to step - Chengxin Xinyi Store, the most important little friends is "Dow-Dow", big, round rolling out and giving people a warm-hearted smile, It is the best propaganda ambassador.

FRP large doll - Qiaohu series doll

Qiaohu and good friends have changed this way with you this time, and the little tiger fans are ready to violent!

The team performs the optimized figure posture solution for different shapes, and mixes the designated exclusive color for detail operation arrangement, with the most professional service and precision vision, complete the work again.

FRP Large Doll - Blue Mad (Kaohsiung City Social Security)

The "Blue Heroes Parenting Action Car" guarded by the blue madman, helping the children in Kaohsiung's nhanistan area to master the gold time.

At the beginning of this case, only the 45-degree angle view of the mascot design map can be obtained. In order to assist the client to implement the case, through the team's beauty design experience and the photo of historical data, complete the Qing Dynasty version 2.0 The modeling of the upgrade is shipped smoothly.

FRP Large Doll - Keelon Sun Moon Prince Three Princes

Three-prince rich armed accessories and color, many stereo model hollow performance, is a relatively rare arrangement method in the FRP production doll, because it is really cost-effective, based on the respect of the faith, the clever team, such as the design chart Complete this pretty work.

Considering the strength requirements, the Qiankun circle and the fire ribs are made specially to create metal, which can be touched by the small hand of love with the believers. Bright gold paint with ste...

FRP large doll - Shuanglian Nationality

The character's head ratio of the original design of the school is too large 1.5: 1. Evaluate the effect of the finished product display, the skillful team is modified to 1: 1 head ratio, and adjust the details, such as fingers, eyes, and obtain customers with great appreciation. After the design, the consensus is established, and the clever team can complete the work in more suitable new design articles.

FRP large doll - Chaoyang Business Circle / Button Street Doll

Chaoyang apparel material business circle, also named buttons, wholesale buttons, floral edges, zippers, sequins, etc. are large, the store is operating in more than half more than 20 years, and it has become a major batch area of national apparel materials.

The establishment of the new image "Button Street Doll", closer modern people communication language, new features for business circles, attracting new generation of costumes to treasure hunt.

FRP large doll - Fawmi Bread Workshop

Its role, with a little joy in the majesty of the expression, when the posture is sideways, is the teaching of the father's love, with both hands to show in order to take more responsibility and give better Service enthusiasm, this special baker's hat symbolizes the spirit of sacred glory that has been working hard. It is a foothold posture, in order to wait for the arrival of the guests at any time, the craftsmanship team, combined with the requirements of customer needs~ Lenovo The arrangement...

Japanese Business Fellows (Taiwan Branch) Qiaohu Series

Super popular cartoon king superstar character: Qiao Hu Idol in the eyes of children, life accompanied, bit by bit grow.

chinese food industry stocks bean boy and egg girl

FRP Large Doll, Chinese food - bean and egg girl FRP - mascot doll. The total height of 153CM diameter width according to the design scale to enlarge (including the base)

Drumming Bear

Drums bear FRP large dolls, Total height: 150 cm (base 20 cm)(Base with the head of the largest size, no additional wheels).

Large doll-Taiwan Ski Academy Sleigh and Q version elk

At the beginning of the case, the owner stated that they would allow children to sit on a sled to take pictures and check in, so as to enhance the playability and interest of large-scale installation art.

Through the structural strengthening of the internal support and connection points of the sled, the craftsman stabilizes the overall structural arrangement, so that the owner can rest assured that the children can play. On the exterior, a real rein is used to drape the elk and the sleigh, and ...

Large doll-Qingpu Post Office Post baby

With a beautiful environment and good neighborliness, signboard advertisements can no longer highlight the benefits in a large area!
Under the entrustment of Qingpu Post Office, the original small-sized postal baby dolls were presented with an enlarged version of the welcome dolls through FRP. Considering the setting of customized size and placement position, the craftsman team explained and adjusted one by one, grasped the existence of various possible problems, and smoothly installed and deliv...