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Installation Arts

Installation Art-Electric Toothbrush

The eye-catching enlarged version of the exhibition props-the electric toothbrush, is enlarged according to the real scale. When explaining the details of the product, the customer can have an intuitive understanding. The FRP also has the effect of LED lighting, highlighting the new shape of the upgraded version of the product.

Drip basin

In the crowded department store gourmet area, the open space presents a large-scale immersive high-brightness water drop device art. The visual effect uses the dislocation performance of the height difference, so that people can feel the drip of water from each angle The coolness of the basin! The large-sized water basin is sprayed with stone paint, and the rough ore has a delicate texture, which echoes the delicate water drops above it. The designer cleverly points out the position of the sink ...

FRP boat ice cream

Customized high-simulation snow cream, to bring customers a larger version of the advertising bonus effect, Simon flagship store has been opened! When you go shopping in Ximending, watching a movie, don't forget to try the sweets.

FRP Portuguese Egg Tower Model

FRP Portuguese egg tower model, size: the largest diameter 75cm cm, specifications: no base.

FRP pineapple shortcake Model

FRP Pineapple Pear Crisp model, size: Long 70 cm, 35 cm high 50 cm in number x 2, Specifications: no base.

FRP Cattle Cake Model

FRP Bovine Bread Model, Size: 60 cm wide and 60 cm high 20 cm, Specifications: no base, excluding large plates.