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God doll

Tiger General Style Night Lights

Tiger General Style Night Lights

Divine Beast 獬豸

The hand-made carvings of famous craftsmen show another breath! !! Reverse engineering for 3D scanning, resulting in downsizing, immediately became the best choice for another product !!

(Creative God) Doll - Xiao Huanghu

Micro-shaping the customer's existing products, beautifying the details and adjusting the remodeling arrangement, so that the doll can add a more beautiful texture.

Santai Chong Doll

Q version of the three prince doll design, Style Description: 1. Increase the mixed day Aya, 2. increase the right foot pedal, left foot wind wheel, 3. Hair to increase the hair effect, 4. Fire spear guns, heaven and earth split parts can be activities designed, 5. Eye adjustment.