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Fluffy doll (filled cotton)

Fluffy doll - doll head set Dragon Boat Festival egg style

Traditional Dragon Boat Festival has a prayer ceremony, blessing a good luck and interesting activities all year round - egg.

The master briefs the egg round, the manual sewing three-dimensional butterfly headband is hooked, and the hand-sewn stereo bowl is made this year, it brings summer energy and good luck.

Plush Doll-Shiba Inu Charm

Surprise gift for the end of the year welfare bag~Through the newly designed mascot role of the welfare committee, Shiba Inu holds the company's characteristic products, so that the company's colleagues can feel the glory of the company's development.

Given the limited time for this project to be put into production, the quality must be maintained despite the efforts of the team. The micro-adjustment of the finished product is as good as the processing and finishing of small parts, and the task...

Fluffy doll-little pink lion spaceman shape

When a customer calls and informs the Qiaojiang team to execute a new project again, it affirms Qiaojiang's quality and planning ability, which is a great encouragement and praise to the team.

Leather puppets are highly difficult materials, which require extremely high sewing technology, time-consuming and labor-consuming. In order to be different from the previous series of puppets, the artisan team readily accepts the challenge and bravely breaks through. This product was born under such a sp...

Fluffy Doll-Go Kart

The role of the well-known IP game limited edition-Kunbao. In order to conform to the spirit of the role, the client pays special attention to the expression of the eyes and the body shape of the embroidered eyes. After repeated reviews, the customer’s expectations have been successfully met. This case has also restored the back backpack ( Can be flipped), fans who want to have the treasure, must continue to follow the official information! !

Doll headgear 25th anniversary style

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, a special edition of "Orange Ball" was launched. The large "g" electric embroidery on the side highlights the brand logo, and the perfect round shape can withstand appreciation from all angles.

Chai Bao's girlfriend Ginny

After the boy's Chai Bao role appeared, the public began to look forward to whether there would be a girl version. Finally, with the urging of Chai Bao fans, the official designer Qiao Sifa wanted to design a new mascot and let the artisan craftsmanship work be paired again.

Taichung Police Station Police Dog (Long Hair Version)

Gifts for publicity and communication, the police dog exclusively for R.O.C. MIT was born! !! It is the best promotional gift for international etiquette exchange culture and good-neighborliness.

The overall shape shows the body color and spirit of the wolf dog.

Doll Hood Christmas Style

The annual festival, the official IP mascot, is carefully designed to meet the festive atmosphere, and accompany players to celebrate the festival !!

Choose appropriate fabrics to show curly hair and high-hat shapes, and prominent electric embroidery stars highlight the festive elements.

Doll Hood Mid Autumn Festival Edition

A well-known game company, small dolls, designed to match the Mid-Autumn Festival with a full moon-like fun headband. When the round appearance is combined with a doll with a special shape, it will definitely surprise the player !!

Department of Nephrology, Affiliated Hospital of Ada (Doll Headgear)

Product Description: The kidney doll is fixed above the forehead of the hood, making it difficult for people to pay attention to it. When wearing the hood, the face can be completely exposed.

Chai Bao

During the event, join the official account friend, and answer the designated questions in the official account in the official account, you will have the opportunity to draw a lot of gifts such as Chai Bao doll or LINE official products!

Little Pink Lion

The lively and cute little pink lion is back! Celebrate 2019 with you! Starting from Good Morning, have fun every day, and the little pink lion loves you!