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Doll Gifts

Good Peanut Key Ring

Choose the real Beigang Black King Kong (high-grain road detail performance) peanut varieties, carry out the rectification arrangement to achieve a 1:1 reduction effect, and then carry out the artificial coloring out of the high-realistic complete presentation.

Taiwan Normal University - Taiwanese Dog

Adopting Earth Dog Modeling as the theme contest mascot for the academic year of 107, leading the design of Maritime/Family Industry/Commercial/Agriculture, 5 each of the university's spiritual symbols.

Paradise m and Comfort Card Joint Giveaway - Death Knight Razor Rack

Paradise m and comfort brand joint gifts - Death Knight razor frame, death knight, referred to as In the transformation through the scroll, the flame illusion of realism, high immersive model head, style texture combined with well-known razor brand , show the real men's tide charm!

Youtube LOGO

The most important brand style of the customer is sent to the collection with the most noble golden performance. This is the official limited edition.

Hot Spring Fish

Everywhere, only this fish is the most special. On the forehead of the fish, the ornamentation shows the representative Totem of the Guanxiang Century Spa Resort. The establishment of the Hot Spring Fish Shrine and the standing design of the Bright Birdhouse use the Chinese knot and fringe as a whole.

Main Lamp LED Ornaments

Main Lamp LED Ornaments

The Virgin Mary of the North Harbour-Wen Chong Lantern pendant

The Virgin Mary of North Harbour-Wen Chong lantern ornaments, craftsmen craft wish you all peace and joy!

North Harbor toward Tiangong-six mama wen Chuang small Night Light

North Kong towards the Tiangong-six mom to create a small night light, craftsmen craft luster Your life!

Pak Kong towards Tiangong-Tiger General Wen Chong Small Night Light

North Harbor toward Tiangong-Tiger General Wen Chuang Small night Light, Craftsman craft Legendary!