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Cloth Pack (Doll Pack)

Clipping (people doll) - koboco reader

"Koboco", which is different from the general mascot concept, is a personally shy universe writer, usually like to hide in the Temporal and Space Reader to travel, encounter things, will come out from the time and space reader. Make friends, and Koboco, which does not speak, will transmit the expression with the text image on the reader.

The handsome team has the same information set by the unsolicit, and the original model is set to the three different expressions, overcome the various conditi...

Clipping (people) - 乐天 rocky

The team is honored to work with Lotte Taojun, to complete the team's new mascot.

This biggest challenge is to protect the size of the mascot model and the proportion and proportion, and consider the fistographs of figures and design the best balance.

The early human body perspective has been adjusted by multiple communication details and frequent correction adjustments, and seizes the textual positioning of the production to reach the consensus. After confirming the human body perspective, it...

Clipping (people dose) - Ping East County Government Finance and Taxation Bureau Tax Monkey

I often assisted the Pingdong County Government Finance and Taxation Bureau to share the small helper "small tax monkey", the first time I came to the scene to serve the folks, the title is "taxation small, the special specialist", is a civil servant's position! Don't forget to find him ~

In order to keep the small tax monkeys, cordial and cute Q cute model, the team finally determines that this face is produced, and the blush effect of vacuum is more natural. Considerations to follow-up custom...

Muppet outfit (puppet outfit)-Iron Deer Station Master

The illusion of the corporate image can be matched with the arrangement of various scenes. Wearing the stationmaster hat is still a little cute and kind in seriousness; when the stationmaster hat is removed, the sudden contrast of aura fully impresses the people around you! The beating tail is another characteristic of this character.

Muppet outfit (puppet outfit)-Lotte Peach Monkey (Sheng) & Ape Kid

After the change, the mascot becomes lighter and more flexible, and is more popular with fans. Breaking through the original old production technology again, improving the overall weight, and the masterful three-dimensionality of the craftsman, let customers give word of mouth!

Nissho Belson Qiao Hu (Stage Version)

Breakthroughs and challenges are the starting mood of this time! !! I am also very happy to be recognized again by customers and establish new product cooperation! A well-known IP mascot from Japan, the superstar of children's world. The classic shape, every part of the body and the details of sewing clothes, is a test! !! !! It is an honor to cooperate with each other to serve the mascots of well-known IP vendors! !! Please look forward to the future of Craftsman Craftsmanship to produce other...

Major League Baseball Taiwanese Dog

In the beginning, the craftsman's even-headed sculpture paid special attention to the three-dimensional presentation of the mouth shape. At the same time, the baseball hat was upgraded to a quick release arrangement, which allowed the mascot to change the shape of the stadium more flexibly. This customer ’s face was surprised and loved. They are highly appreciated by the team; the internal structure of the straight tail is adjusted, and the comfort of the puppeteer is adjusted. The final effect...

Muppet outfit (puppet outfit)-Nissho Belson Kiki​

Qiaojiang is honored to once again work with a well-known IP in Japan to produce the second Taiwan version of the doll outfit! This case summarizes the previous production experience, and adds more attention to the details, allowing the puppeteer to play on the stage to the fullest and bring joy to friends of all ages.

Muppet outfit (doll outfit)-Fufan momo sauce

In the second generation of the upgraded version, the artisan skillfully adjusted the facial features of the puppet's head and re-planned the overall ergonomic proportions of the puppet's clothes to upgrade the comfort level. The puppeteer can flexibly show the mascot during publicity activities without fear of exposure. Looking forward to the future series of family characters can meet with you ٩(ˊᗜˋ )و

Volleyball Association Squirrel

The craftsman created a mascot doll like a design drawing --- the sculpture of this doll's head is really cute! In order to have a flexible operation, the artisan craftsman first conceived himself. When this occasionally entered the kickoff, there was a match against the performance of volleyball! !! We must first consider the design adjustments on the dimensions, increase the comfort for the puppeteer, and achieve the best performance of the image !!

2019 Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo (Yangbao)

The 20-day 2019 Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo was grandly opened. This year, the park has a total of 27 featured theme areas.

Dolls and Parents (Lele Monkey) (Heart Cat)

In order to understand the psychological and learning status of preschool children, "Asteroids Preschool" has designed four animal characters, representing four children with different personalities and preferences: Lele Monkey, Kangkang Pig, Heart Cat and Odd Qi Xiong.