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Special doll

Ming Hua Yuan Tian Zi Tuan-Ghost Bodhisattva

Ming Wah Garden Day character drama group in response to the broad masses of fans look forward to the special launch of "Ming Wah Garden Day character drama Group-Chen Zhaochang humanoid puppet series-Ghost Bodhisattva 12 inches can be moving even."

One in Six White Wedding Dolls

One in six white wedding dolls, 1. 3D printing (full color powder) 1/6 individuals to be true head carving (bag head) X1, 2. 1/6 Seamless All-in-One Silicone Body (Body Movement) X1, 3. 1/6 white wedding dress X1, 4. Human fixed bracket X1, 5. beautifully boxed X1, Total -38000.