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About Craftsman

Craftsman found in 2005, initially by a group of action figure passion and dream team combination, the constant pursuit of action figure design skills upgrading, in pursuit of high-quality products, providing quality services to customers.

Craftsman addition to producing all kinds of PVC, POLY, ABS, FRP and other products, and to develop the brand in the design and re-shaping the company's new market positioning, integrated marketing design department was established, and major companies to develop innovative merchandise, architecture unique brand position.

Because after several years of self-imposed demand growth and customer support care, and finally in 2014 officially registered as a Craftsman craft Co., Ltd., Taiwan and China are equipped with the company operating point, Starting from the original design, implanted the essence of traditional culture from the inside, With years of accumulated experience and related information management resources dedicated to the development of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries, But also enhance the use of high-tech 3D scanning technology, 3D printing technology, for Taiwan Thunderbolt puppet, indigenous creative Workshop , full-service film and television idol, cartoon animation, video games .... and other markets, to provide merchandise for planning and Development, arrangement planning, design and manufacture and production of packaging in one job, uphold the master craftsmen, serious focus on the spirit, create the "talent, originality" of technology products, to attract more attention in the eyes of the world's people.